The Society has a varied collection of boats with links to the maritime heritage of this area. We have a number of boats that had been neglected and have now been restored. Additionally, we've built several replicas of boats that were either lost or sadly too far gone. And we have a number of boats that we managed to acquire in reasonable condition.


A quick guide to rigs, sail parts & hull construction......


The original Agnes was built in 1907 as a rowing boat complemented with a lugsail; it was used for fishing on the Haven until 1947 and eventually deteriorated beyond repair. Undaunted, we built a replica - 'Agnes 2'.

Blue Peter

Blue Peter is a beautifully restored example of an International 14 racing sailing dinghy and is exhibited in the Museum.


Bob is a traditional clinker-built pram dinghy found abandoned in the English Channel by the RAF & now shown in the Museum.


This local lifeboat dates back to 1908 and was instrumental in saving many lives in  December 1920 from the Schooner 'Hermina' in the most dangerous of conditions; the crew won medals for their bravery. It is being partly restored as a standing exhibit; sadly it'll never set sail again.

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Compass Boat K3

K3 is a Compass boat: a traditional net fishing boat of the type used extensively on the Cleddau from the late 19th century until the mid 20th century to catch salmon and sewin.

Dry Fly

Dryfly is an open 19’6” clinker workboat, equipped with an engine. She was one of eight built for the Pembroke Royal Dockyard in the 1920s’.


Farodan is a Swordfish: a 15-foot racing dinghy, designed by Uffa Fox, recently restored to sailing condition.

General Picton

This 1950s Trinity House lifeboat has been well used by the Society and is now undergoing some major much-needed reparations before being re-floated.


Tenby Luggers evolved in the early 19th century as workboats in nearby Tenby. This replica, our flagship vessel, was built from scratch by various organisations and finally completed by the Society. She is regularly seen on the Haven.

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Jackrat is a Yachting World Dayboat: a 14-foot clinker-built dinghy designed for family cruising, built in 1959 and recently restored.


Margaret was rescued from the Swansea mud in 1977 and was believed to be a Tenby Lugger. However when we acquired this boat we found it to have had a chequered past and had frankly been 'butchered' by previous boatyards. We are partly restoring it as faithfully as possible to form a static exhibit so visitors can see how it was built.


Piglette is a Firefly from 1957: a 12-foot one-design sailing dinghy, designed by Uffa Fox.

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This Pembrokeshire One Design family sailing boat was acquired by the Society in a poor state and restored in 2018.  


A family motor-sailer, she was based on a Pembrokeshire One Design and built in the 1930s.  The name ‘Undine’ comes from the water nymph who married a human to gain a soul.  The Society's very first boat, she was nicknamed the ‘banana boat’.


'Vitalba' means "happy traveller". This East Anglian 28 foot sloop is an Alan Buchanan design from the mid 1960s. It was purchased for £1 on condition it was not scrapped. It is nearing completion and will hopefully be afloat soon.


This International 12 foot single handed 'One Design Class'  dinghy is believed to be the oldest one surviving in the UK.  It has been restored to its class design with its original rig.

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