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" Realy fantastic working musem. Friendly people taking thier heritage seriously. Lots to look at, we got a guided tour."

"We were immediately impressed to discover it was run purely by volunteers. A full tour of the museum was given by a volunteer who had an infinite knowledge of both the museums collection and the restoration work being carried out on numerous vessels. It was a very friendly place and well worth a visit."

"An excellent tour delivered with passion and enthusiasm! A lovely time wondering through the ages seeing boats being lovingly restored and presented with a friendly and warm manner."

"An absolute gem of a museum, including several interactive elements - my 12 and 9 year old loved the morse code section. We spent about 2 hours here, and enjoyed a really informative tour. We also enjoyed what was going on in the area, including boat/kayak building and restoration, and everyone was happy to chat about what they were working on."

" Hidden gem! Free to enter and can take your time to look around, sit outside and enjoy the sun and view! So interesting, educational and informative. The vast collection of items makes you go round and round and still find stuff you missed! The volunteers were brilliant, Elsa the dog was too cute, the little remote controlled boats were a brilliant idea and we can’t wait to go back! "

" Myself and 14 year old visited. Initially declined the offer of a tour. But Peter came by and after a minute in his company I knew we should let him show us around. Basically not just a Museum but active restoration workshop. It was fascinating. I would definitely recommend a visit. There is also an Escape Boat the only one in the UK. The staff are lovely all volunteers and happy to answer questions and give information whilst they work on the various ongoing projects"

County Council Visit

04.04.2024: As Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council it was lovely to be invited to the West Wales Maritime Museum located at Hancock's Yard  

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