General Picton

'General Picton' was a tender and lifeboat for a Trinity House light vessel from about 1958, believed to have been built by Robsons Ltd. of South Shields.

This 18 foot boat would have been powered by up to 4 oarsmen supplemented by a dipping lugsail for downwind sailing.

After her decommissioning in 1978 she was neglected and used for occasional fishing. She was bought by David Picton-Phillips in 1988 and donated to the Society. She was in a poor state and needed considerable restoration; her copper buoyancy tanks, and food and water containers had been removed and lost.

After many years of service within the Society it is now enjoying a much-needed restoration program that includes many new ribs, new gunwales and rubbing strakes, a rebuild of the lower transom which had rotted, topped off with a thorough paint job. It should be back in the water in early 2025.