Pembroke River Rally

The 2023 River Rally will be take place on Saturday 1st July. This year again, there is the added bonus that those who wish to do so, can remain overnight in Pembroke Castle Pond, departing on the afternoon of Sunday 2nd July. For further details including departure and arrival times please download the sailing directions.
On the day, boats will assemble in the main river at Crow Pool and be led in single file up to the castle pond by the lead boat which will be provided and crewed by members of the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society. There will be a variety of stands in the car park adjacent to the pond and the mayor's of Pembroke Town and Pembroke Dock will be travelling with the fleet and will address the crowds upon arrival.
All are welcome to attend and there is no charge involved. In 2022 there were between 50 and 60 boats in the rally. Let's try to beat that number this year.

For those wishing to take part with a boat in the flotilla, please register your details using the form below. This information will only be used to determine the number and size of boats intending to take part in the River Rally and by providing your email we can keep you appraised of any changes. Also please make sure to download and aquaint yourself with the sailing directions and the pennar gut buoyage.
This event is organised by the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society on behalf of Pembroke Town and Pembroke Dock councils.

Sailing Directions

River Rally Boat Registration - Please provide your name, boat name, length and draught