Would you like to gain some sailing or boat building and restoration skills?

At the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society we are a living and working museum. Yes we do have static displays but we also have craft which we take out on the water. Our mission is to restore the boats that we acquire with the primary intention of sailing them if they can be restored to a safe working condition. Naturally not all boats can, some are beyond ever being seaworthy again but these are thankfully in the minority.

As well as visiting the society and viewing the exhibits we would encourage everyone to become a member and get actively involved. All of our members have the opportunity to go out on the water in our craft and also to work on those that are undergoing restoration. So if you’ve ever had a hankering to pick up a saw, plane or chisel and make a wooden boat, now you can. We welcome new members getting involved hands on in all of our restoration projects.

Even if you don’t have any practical skills but would like to learn, we have many enthusiastic members who will be very happy to teach you boat building skills. Perhaps you would prefer to get out on the water and learn to sail or be taught boat handling skills by those members who are keen sailors, rope work enthusiasts or can show you basic boat etiquette. We don’t only have wooden boats, we also recently acquired a very early example of a fibreglass motor launch which requires major work to bring her back to her former glory, or perhaps you’d prefer to gain some blacksmithing skills in our newly erected forge.

If that has piqued your interest, come along for a visit and see what we have to offer.

For no particular reason we find ourselves in a situation where many of the active members are close to retirement age or are retired. While we welcome people of all ages we are particularly interested to encourage young and middle aged people to get involved, as only by passing on the older members knowledge to the following generations, will we prevent these traditional skills from dying out.